Jon Krawczyk’s steel and bronze sculptures divulge organic gestures that are the antithesis of the material. According to a correspondent for Art in America, his sensual and timeless works “elicit similarly tactile responses” from his viewers.

   Extending the great tradition of modernist sculpture, Krawczyk has transformed the medium of metal into an emphatically physical yet alchemical fine art. He is profoundly inspired by the works of Picasso, Henry Moore and David Smith, however his sculptures are singularly unique. As a young artist, he has already attracted the attention of international collectors, and galleries, from New York to Beijing, and is critically acclaimed as one of our country’s most captivating young sculptors.

   For Krawczyk, sculpture is a medium for describing the human experience. Venerable, undulating and alive – his work has only just begun to embrace our imagination.